Valet Solutions

Automated Valet System

We have developed a smart card based valet system. Whereby, the existing Valet coupons will be replaced by smart cards.


The entire recording of vehicle entry, payment calculation, retrieving of vehicle and preparation of sales report are automated.


Our system is also very flexible and practical to suit the Malaysian environment. The smart cards will be issued either by using a handheld reader or a terminal.


There are many obvious advantages of automating a Point Of Sales (POS) system.
These are other benefits of using our system :

  • Able to create database of customers
  • Able to greet customers by name or title upon creation of database
  • Pre-programmed guest list
  • Automated tracking of ticket, car location and key location
  • Image capture for lost ticket claim
  • Flexibility in introducing hourly rates
  • Real time status report
  • Comprehensive sales report
  • GST compliant.